Weinstein’s wife makes a business decision

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In the textbooks for Gold Diggers 101, there’s chapter titled, “When the money tap is gone, it’s time to move on”.

The earlier chapters explain why famous, wealthy yet overweight and unattractive men with contacts consistently end up married to hot women with “careers” like writing their own music, having illegitimate children, or fashion.

British former model (of course) Georgina Chapman appears to have followed the playbook to a tee.  She was able to see through Weinstein’s bloated girth, balding pasty countenance and propensity for shouting, to see Harvey’s ability to get investors for her clothing lines, and ensure her glossy gowns were worn by A-list celebrities to the big Hollywood events.  And his nine-figure fortune.  That enabled her to bear him two children, and also ignore the open secret of him sexually harassing any woman in his orbit in exchange for Hollywood jobs.

Chapman, as emphasised in the Gold Digger 101 manual, was naturally silent after the NY Times article broke while an assessment was made by attorneys on whether he would still be able to get those gowns on the carpet, versus the expected level of “keep quiet” plus two kids divorce settlement would be.  When it was clear he’d be Hollywood exiled and sued aplenty, it was time to act like you had no idea of the horrors, despite your house having numerous pot plants, and to direct all talks to attorneys:

“My heart breaks for all the women who have suffered tremendous pain because of these unforgivable actions. I have chosen to leave my husband. Caring for my young children is my first priority and I ask the media for privacy at this time.”

People Magazine of course being the right outlet to get that request out.

Gold Diggers 101 teaches you that there’s no bad result when you pretend to be a misguided innocent who married a papal candidate only to shockingly discover extra-marital fornicating, sexual harassment and/or pot plant masturbating.  In fact, the worse it is, the better the settlement.  If you managed to make a couple of kids, you can get a stipend added for that until they’re 25 or so.  Take the money and hope no-one finds out you knew.

There has been no “Chapman turned a blind eye…..” articles yet, so it’s all good.  She’s got cash, will soon have more, has excellent cheekbones, and if she appears at some Lady Symposiums, the Hollywood and Fashion sisterhood will embrace her shock and despair.  The terminology will shift from “Gold Digger” to “Brave”.

Just like the textbook.  It’s how every happy story ends.





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