Tremendous non-condemnation condemnation from Hillary on Weinstein

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Hillary Clinton has always, like all politicians and public figures in the PR and Social Media Era, excelled at the public non-apology apology (I loved “I wish I had made better choices”).  And the non-admission admission (copyright, Bill Clinton, 1996).

Of course, usually those involved political witch hunts and her accusers no more deserved the truth and apologies than the purchasers of her book deserved anything short of 440 pages of mythology.

You had to love this statement though:

  • “I was shocked and appalled by the revelations”.  Not by the behaviour of course – just the fact the open secret from my favourite donor finally came out:
  • “The behaviour described by women…. cannot be tolerated”. Not Weinstein’s behaviour – just the general type of behaviour described.  That may or may not include cigars or pot plants or what not.
  • “… stopping this type of behaviour”.  Again, not stopping Weinstein from ever being in control of hiring women ever again – just this general type of behaviour from other people.  That may or may not include cigars or pot plants or what not.

I’m no conspiracy theorist, other than Deflategate of course, but the 5 day’s of silence and this magnificent parsing that avoids calling Weinstein a sex criminal makes me ask: what the hell does Weinstein have on Hillary?  

You have to admire her consistency though: she has a tremendous record of achieving nothing for women, despite their evangelical fawning over her.


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