Times reporting a Johnson/Rees-Mogg team could take over from May/Hammond

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The Times:  Theresa May will face a coup that would install a “dream team” of “three Brexiteers” if she persists with plans to keep Britain in a customs union with the European Union, Tory MPs warned last night.

Eurosceptics contacted Boris Johnson, the foreign secretary, on Friday and urged him to agree a pact that would see Michael Gove, the environment secretary, become his deputy prime minister and Jacob Rees-Mogg — the shop steward of the backbench Brexiteers — appointed chancellor if the prime minister is forced out.

While encouraging MPs to “rally round” May, Johnson also told one of the plotters that he would be “ready” for a future contest. He vowed that the “cavalry is coming” to block the customs union plan when May’s Brexit “war cabinet” meets to discuss Britain’s future relations with Brussels this week.


This would be the best idea the Tories have had since well before Thatcher stepped down.  OK, Gove isn’t too appealing, but at least he’s Pro-Hard Brexit, and he’s the type of snivelling back-stabber with a hatchet-faced media wife that might be able to get the numbers together, so he can have the Deputy PM job, because no-one gives a shit about that.

I can’t stop watching this gif of Michael Gove clapping three ways in five seconds

But a Pro-Hard Brexit Johnson/Mogg-Rees PM/Chancellor ticket is the best thing for Britain.  It might save the country from a Hobson’s choice between wet duddery of May and Hammond, and the cactus-brained Communism of Corbyn, Abbott and McDonnell.

Johnson hides his intelligence and common sense behind a persona of buffoonery (much like a similarly large, blonde-haired US President), but on the issues, going back to his time as London Mayor, he’s been right on all of the things that grow a country.  Rees-Mogg doesn’t hide his intelligence and common sense behind anything – it’s painfully obvious any time he appears in public, in media, or in debates.  I’d prefer he was just appointed dictator for a medium term of say five years until we get through Brexit, but its possible there might be some legal issues with that.  Having him replace anti-business, fraudulent tax-happy Phillip Hammond as Treasurer would be an instant boost to UK business.

Rees-Mogg isn’t the standard wet lettuce like most politicians.  He clearly out-debates gibberers and interviewers alike, not with shouting and cheap catchphrases, but with sensible explanations of his arguments.

And he’s not afraid to stand up to abusive, lunatic Antifa wankers.

Vote Johnson-Mogg, and do it today.


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