The only things you need to know from Patriots-Jaguars

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If you’re a Patriots fan, there’s only five things you need to know:

1) There are only three bits of useful information from this game

Belichick didn’t have the presumed starters play at all on offense or defense.  That significantly affected what we saw from everybody.  The Jaguars started defensive line was in the backfield for their stint on the field against an offensive line we hope we never have to see.  No Chung or McCourty meant the cornerbacks – guys who we also hope we never have to see – were on an island frequently on deep plays.  And there wasn’t much size in the middle of the D either.

2)  This just in: Garappolo still good

It’s been four years now we’ve been watching Garappolo in these games, always behind patchwork offensive lines, and passing to skill players who won’t make it past cuts.  Despite either having to roll out or just run for his life most of the time, he’s cool under pressure, never screws up the offense, and can fizz a ball.  He’s a better NFL starter than a dozen guys who will play week one.

3) Brisset: not very good

With the same issues that faced Garappolo notwithstanding, he doesn’t look like he’s got the touch as a passer.  It might be a while before he’s useful, if ever.

4) Austin Carr and Jacob Hollister are gamers, not that it will matter. 

Patriots’ 21st century pre-season games have been replete with guys who looked great for a few catches and were never heard of again.  Carr and Hollister made some great catches in traffic, although its unlikely either will stick anywhere but the practice squad.

5) Cyrus Jones: still terrible

Cyrus Jones had wonderful back-to-back plays where he was toasted by something named a Keelan Cole for a 97 yard TD, and then inexplicably decided to return the kickoff from 6 yards deep in the end-zone and made it all the way out to the….8 yard line.

He doesn’t offer anything as a defensive back, and the fact he’s still stupid enough after all his fumbling and boobery in 2016 to try to bring kickoffs back from that deep would tell you he’s not making it into September.


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