Luke Moore no longer living the dream

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Aussie Luke Moore found the right way to handle an overdraft. He opened up an account with the St George bank in 2010, when he was aged 22, unemployed and on the dole, and probably with a less shitty beard. Because banks don’t check shit, he managed to run up a $9,000 overdraft in a year, then realised they weren’t putting the brakes on, so he continued to withdraw and spend money to thoroughly enjoy his limitless overdraft.

Some crappy court was told that he spent the cash on Thailand and Gold Coast holidays, signed Bob Dylan and Michael Jackson (!) albums, a Stessl boat, an Aston Martin and a Maserati. Left out of the court reports were the cocaine and strippers. The dopey bastards at St George finally called the cops in when they figured out Moore owed them $2m, a bunch of which he’d stashed in other bank accounts.

Probably by bribing someone, St George Bank managed to get Moore charged with “obtaining financial advantage by deception and dealing proceeds of a crime”, and with a dumber judge, he was originally convicted. Moore got that shitty decision reversed on appeal, and is now free, and eating Pot Noodles. In his appeal judgment, the poorly named Justice Mark Leeming noted that Moore had acted “extremely foolishly”, but had not deceived the bank. “The unusual aspect of Mr Moore’s conduct was that there was nothing covert about it”.

Moore is now broke and living with his mom and shamefully had to return his cars and boat. He says he doesn’t miss his lavish lifestyle, besides “the cocaine, the strippers and fast cars.” As you do.

Financial institutions of all descriptions make decisions every day to make enormous amounts of cash from people who are stupider than them. The members of financial institutions of all descriptions spend their money on cocaine, strippers and fast cars. Luke Moore made a decision to grab an enormous amount of cash from someone stupider than him, and spent it in exactly the same way.

The only crime here was making him send all his stuff back. ¬†Good thing you can’t unfuck strippers or unsnort cocaine.




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