Louis CK shows Hollywood will say anything and the media will print it

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Louis C.K. is an extremely funny stand up comedian, who starred in a terribly boring TV show that he also wrote.

At some point while he was specialising in masturbating in front of aspiring female comics, he was also being quoted as being a feminist.

That journalism is dead is well understood. There are tiny niches here and there that offer unfettered news and information and opinion without fear of aggrieving a protected class.

It wasn’t like Louis was hiding his general assholery.  Or the masturbating.

I get that you have to write nice things about these Hollywood and music toads if you want free tickets to the next show, but you’d think that getting a byline implies that you maybe do some fact-checking or background before parroting.  Just because a celebrity can form a sentence doesn’t make their word law.  Otherwise, just give the byline to his PR company, who emailed you what to say about him.

Almost every other Hollywooder who’s been outed as a sexual harasser or sexual assaulter the last month have at some point decided to give us all moral lessons in their incessant waffling while trying to contractually promote whatever good, bad or terrible item some giant media company is currently trying to sell.   George Takei, Bret Ratner, Charlie Sheen, Andy Dick, Kevin Spacey, Mark Halperin, Ben Affleck, Dustin Hoffman, Harvey Weinstein, Richard Dreyfuss.  Always lecturing us on health care or the environment.   But never perversion.

It’s a timely reminder that Hollywood and musician opinions are as useless as a knitted condom.  That includes not just the men hitting the headlines, but equally unappetising individuals as Katy Perry, Chelsea Handler and Lena Dunham.   They’ll helpfully applaud the feminist messages of a movie where a former Miss World contestant sports an outfit that warrants the line “Hmmmm I didn’t call for a plumber. Well, I guess my pipes could use a good cleaning.”


Coincidentally, they all lined up loudly to abuse Trump pre- and post-election in language that was way too angry for rich white Americans.  Also, tautology.


Supremely confident in Hillary’s victory before the election, they couldn’t believe how wrong you all were afterward.

Hollywood was bound to consume itself after failing in the national campaign to go all “I’m With Her”.  Like all pack mentality animals when the hunt is poor.  It’s unlikely they believe the bulk of their simpleton political rhetoric.  Or at least you hope the shouting vulgarities and MTV generation diatribes into public microphones to remain relevant to the people who pay Millennials’ bills are just for cash, and not a result of drug-addled brains.

One thing you can be sure of, this isn’t close to the end.  There will be more revelations.  Disgusting fat guys.  That guy who once told a dick joke at a table reading.  Overly-aggressive homosexuals. Women who want to be equal to men except for the continued right to seek civil and criminal remedy when their sensibilities are offended.   Probably some more pedos, if Corey Feldman’s GoFundMe goes well.  I’m just guessing, but possibly Donna Brazille.

It will move into business, sports and music too, once the media runs out of famous Hollywood debaucherers.

But the next time one of these dipshit celebrities is passing themselves off as an expert on LGBTQ rights, climate change or the value of recyclable ballgowns, remind yourself that predominantly, they’re fucking idiots.  And that they may have just jerked off into a pot plant in the green room while a job applicant was forced to make eye contact.











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