Liz Mcinnes reckons Theresa May should have been more considerate

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Labour MP for Heywood and Middleton and shadow bench flip-flopper, Liz McInnes, won the award for baffling tweet of the day:

Apparently it was important to criticise the Prime Minister for being unelected and for calling an election that would solve the problem Liz has with her for being unelected.

Somehow, Theresa May not having the power of UK-wide mental telepathy also caused her to call an election without checking whether any of the 650 MPs in the country might have a sick relative, or a funeral to attend.  Why, exactly, May calling an election in 6 weeks time would ruin something as happy as a funeral is not clear.

McInnes had to go a little further on the me-first scale with the “poor working class so not important” shill.

Liz then tore into anyone on Twitter who responded suggesting she was batshit, despite her tweet, and her responses, proving she was batshit.

McInnes is in no danger of losing her seat in Labour stronghold Heywood and Middleton.  But maybe she wanted to make an early start in getting as many of her irrational left-wing nutjob whiny causes onto flyers as possible.  Or she wanted to make another no-confidence vote in Corbyn, before fake-resigning and returning prior to the election.  ONE CAN ONLY SURMISE.

If you’re in Heywood and Middleton, feel free to vote McInnes.  Keeping dead wood out of the productive workforce is important to the nation’s future success.  As one of 650 MPs in the Opposition Party, she can’t do any damage there.





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