Jemele Hill moves into favouritism for ESPN Arthur Ashe Award

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Cantankerous adamant gasbag Jemele Hill is currently enjoying two weeks paid vacation not for calling the country’s President a white supremacist with no evidence, but for suggesting that you stop buying Pepsi and insuring your car with GEICO, and in doing both, firmed into bookies’ favouritism to land the coveted Arthur Ashe/Caitlin Jenner Award at next year’s ESPY’s.

Hill specialises in the type of airheaded fake issue-babbling and pointless argumentativeness popularised on ESPN by the likes of Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon.  If you’d never heard her speak, that’s a good thing.  Imagine someone yammering loudly about their day on the phone next to you on a train trip.  She also specialises, despite having no discernible talent,  in periodic racial and socially controversial pronouncements – like comparing the Celtics to Adolf Hitler – that would get anyone who didn’t fill two quotas fired.

After she tweeted last month that Trump was a white supremacist and people who supported him were junior Nazis, ESPN were told in no uncertain terms by liberal Twitter that they could not fire her, as baselessly criticising Trump and/or his supporters is a virtue not a sin, though they did insist she write a fake apology Tweet on Apple Notes.

This time, Hill announced from her high horse that people should boycott NFL sponsors because Cowboys owner Jerry Jones suggested he’d bench Cowboys players who disrespect the national anthem – the idea being that Jones was violating players First Amendment rights. Which, as I can tell by that confused look on your face, you’ve guessed is not remotely true legally or in real life.

It turns out that suggesting that your employer’s content suppliers and customers should be boycotted is a worse crime that slandering a public figure, though only marginally.

Her two week paid “suspension” brought all the old players out.

The hole that Disney-owned ESPN have dug themselves is that they’ve been promoting their left-leaning socio-political bent for a couple of years now, and everyone who has salivated their support of that agenda is not going to tolerate even the slightest burp on it.

Jemele Hill is not on live television sport shows earning seven figures because of talent, expertise of the sports involved, or the draw of her mass popularity. ESPN isn’t making that decision on media standards, merit or business reasons. You’re paying for ESPN for the live sports broadcasts, and they have broadcast hours and virtue signals to fill. They ignored her last verbal explosion because of their attitude to the target.  These latest targets pay some bills, hence the pretend suspension.

ESPN is boxed in.  You can’t fire her.  You can’t shut her up.  You can only hope any future loose cannonish behaviour is aimed at targets popular for liberal criticism.  It worked for Eminem.




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