If you weren’t sure that Michael Wolff’s book was a pile of horseshit, this one excerpt should help

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Walking melanoma and serial fantasist Michael Wolff has demonstrated for anyone who’d forgotten that there’s good money in publishing made-up stories about Donald Trump.  His new book, Fist and Fury, isn’t even on sale yet, and it’s number 1 on Amazon based on pre-orders alone.

We don’t need to read it.  You’ve seen the highlights.  You know its full of bullshit.  I know its full of bullshit.  Only idiots trapped in the Trump Hysteria Bubble think there’s any truth in it.

But in case you weren’t sure, here’s an excerpt that fantasises that a successful billionaire who beat out two political dynasties and 16 other candidates, and then went on to achieve more in his rookie Presidential season that any guy in his lifetime is obsessed with talking through his TV screen to staff-edited gorillas-in-the-mist type highlights.

Its an amazing page: not one sentence in that excerpt sounds remotely believable. Only a halfwit would type that up and submit it to a publisher.

Read each sentence out loud on its own.  I’ll try one with you.

…Trump complained that the TV set in his bedroom was broken, because it didn’t have “the gorilla channel”

See how insane you sound?

OK, so that piece was a parody by a comedian that the Anti-Trump community raced to tweet out thinking it was real. But it was a handy tell for Trump Derangement Syndrome.  It’s certainly not the biggest pile of bullshit written about Trump the past 18 months.

Next time you get a media report on Trump that is based on unnamed sources or “people familiar with the administration’s thinking”, trying reading each sentence on its own out loud, and see if you sound more than a bit insane.

For the Anti-Trumpers, Trumpy has entered what Bill Simmons called “The Tyson Zone” in the 1990s: back then, there was no story about Mike Tyson that you wouldn’t believe was true.  The Anti-Trumpers are a giant market, and they’re stupid. They want to believe anything, which makes them a lucrative market for bullshitters, like Wolff or Joy Reid. They sounded stupid from the get-go, but smart people can sound stupid too – but as time has gone on and he wasn’t Hitler, wasn’t insane, wasn’t incompetent, hasn’t lurched us into nuclear war and is kicking off a new Golden Age for America, they can be confirmed as stupid.

Up until this book started leaking out, the criticism of Trump had withered away to how he drinks water, and “He sure plays a lot of golf!!!”.  They’d run out of other stuff.  Wolff’s helped out their mental health: they now don’t have to admit they were wrong all along.  This will provide months of insanity food.


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