Hermione Granger continues to fight the important fights

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Disney is remaking Beauty and the Beast inexplicably, but since they’re outstanding at making money, they know when you want to do a reboot, if the brand isn’t strong, you need to get out there and get yourself some name actors.  Hence the casting of wooden teen lookalike and UN Ambassador on Not Real Womens Issues, Emma Watson.

Disney also see the writing on the wall: that the reign of men is over.  All current and future Disney production will be featuring heroines in the lead role and/or, in the case of the B&B, “here’s a feminist take on Belle’s backstory”.

Given she’s back playing pretend in Disney movies must mean she’s done with Art History at Brown, cutting her hair short and being gender-neutral.  It’s usually a money thing.  What it doesn’t mean is that she’s finished making vague and convoluted statements to advance the cause of exactly 10-12 women.

But wait, there’s more.

Emma rejected the corset.  The British beauty told Entertainment Weekly that a corset would only restrict her movement in the scenes. In order to be an “active” princess who’s different from other Disney heroines, Watson worked closely with Beauty and the Beast’s designer to ensure that Belle’s look remained magical and functional at the same time.”

The best statements about equality are always made by passively-aggressively forcing one item out of a period piece that relates only to you.  Disney don’t give a shit, and audiences won’t notice. There won’t be any men watching it anyway.  He For She died off quick.  Time for a new UN speech.





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