Great Moments in Art Reviews: NY Times on the Obama Portraits

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The Presidential portraits were unveiled today, and boy they were terrific.

Barack’s will come with the caption “Barry Shits in the Woods”.  Michelle’s will come with the caption “We Have No Idea Who This Painting Is Of”.

If you were baffled by a water colour of a guy sitting in a hedge like he’s passing a stool and were trying to figure out who they decided to draw instead of Michelle Obama, you’d be wrong according to this review from the NY Times:

Mr. Wiley depicts Mr. Obama not as a self-assured, standard-issue bureaucrat, but as an alert and troubled thinker. Ms. Sherald’s image of Mrs. Obama overemphasizes an element of couturial spectacle, but also projects a rock-solid cool.

An “alert and troubled thinker” and “rock-slid cool” huh?

I feel Barack’s artist missed a trick.  He could have done Obama dressed as The Flash, based on this spiffy red number:

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