Goose on Streep

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I can’t really comment on Streep’s general skills as an actress, as the majority of things she’s in involve women crying which I do not watch, and the remaining that may fit my demographic have her as a peripheral and terrible character. Her Aussie accent in Evil Angels was abysmal. For a “great actress”, she certainly seems to have extreme difficulty finding watchable films to be in. Her speech, however, was tremendously well-beated bit of snowflakeness.

What it certainly doesn’t take is any courage to bash Trump to Hollywooders. There was no safer bet for a round of applause. The incident she described was 18 months ago, so she’s up on what’s happening, for sure. No idea what her point was there about ‘getting rid of us all’, since she’s a product of New York and Yale, and is a descendant of William Penn. Her math is also a bit off, since the NFL is 70% African American athletes, and the MMA has 5 foreign champions.

Good to see the Goose was on the ball though.

Admiration for Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn went up a notch.


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