Global Warming alarmists try out new brand: Climate “Breakdown”

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You’ve got to admire this Tweet from Green MP for Brighton, Caroline Lucas, who uses the slogan “Standing Up For What Matters” when attempting to get elected.

Invoke the “suffragettes”, but bring no more facts to light, so the myth can be perpetuated that it was only women who weren’t allowed to vote 100 years ago, and not five million men who couldn’t either.  Link that battle, and their imprisonment, to people putting “their bodies on the line” in 2018, which involves purchasing some cardboard and a Sharpie, and walking from Victoria Station to Westminster. Throw in a half-witted quote, that makes no sense at all: “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty”.  Vague enough that you couldn’t possibly disagree, but without any sort of active responsibility.

But the best bit was sneaking that new bit of branding in for climate alarmists.  “Global Warming” had to go when it turned out that it was obvious that the entire globe was not warming.  They gave “Climate Change” a go for a while, so that they could demand everyone got alarmed when there was a hurricane, a drought, or a particularly hot or cold week somewhere in the world, until too many people recalled the many, many years in the past when the exact same thing happened, or just looked up the number of hurricanes on Richard Branson’s island on Wikipedia.

Personally, I love the term “Climate Breakdown”. Especially when, in Lucas’s British winter, it’s below zero and snowing, just like it should be.  With people insisting on pointing out on a consistent basis that the “climate” has not actually changed, they needed a new brand.  “Breakdown” is vague enough that unlike “warming” or “change”, it doesn’t debunk easily on a graph, sounds much more terrifying, and can be used for a little while now without anyone having to define it.  It’s February 7: if it’s cold and snowing, that’s Climate Breakdown.  If it’s a 12 degrees and sunny, that’s Climate Breakdown.

Either way, we can get more money for some more studies.  Politicians who no-one would have otherwise heard of, can wear their man’s haircut on Sky News standing in front of Big Ben.  We can grab some more tax dollars so that it can be sent to countries where poor people shit in the river to be wasted by their dictators, and they can continue to build coal powered stations while the USA has to close theirs.

Can you imagine the sort of idiot that would hitch their wagon to that issue?




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