Gamblers Guide to NFL Week 6

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Home teams in CAPITALS.


Philadelphia at CAROLINA (-3)

The Panthers have not really been a 4-1 team so far.  Lucky dip for Thursday night…..

BET:  Eagles +3.




Cleveland at HOUSTON (-9.5)

That garbage the Browns put up Sunday was just depressing.  They hooked their shiny new quarterback before half time. Two red zone turnovers, and that dipshit 4th and goal time out from Jackson when they were down 3 before turning it over on downs. They made the Jets look sensational.  Jackson is now 1-20.

The Texans lost half their defensive line, and Hogan is nowhere near as terrible as Kizer.

BET:  Browns +9.5.

New England (-9.5) at NY JETS

That spread’s too much for the form this Patriots team is currently in.

BET:  no bet.

Miami at ATLANTA (-11.5)

Also disgusting: Miami.

BET:  Falcons -11.5.

Detroit at NEW ORLEANS (-5.5)

Stafford has this incurable disease where he has to make all games close since Calvin Johnson left.

BET: Lions +5.5.

Green Bay (-3) at MINNESOTA

Minnesota’s pretty good, but you can’t trust whatever weird thing is going on at quarterback.

BET: no bet.

Chicago at BALTIMORE (-6.5) 

Trubisky looked no worse than Glennon.  Flacco seems to have rediscovered just chucking it downfield and getting a 50 yard completion or a flag.

BET: Ravens -6.5

San Francisco at WASHINGTON (-10) 

The 49ers, while not good, have lost four games by 11 points, and two of those in OT.  I get everyone’s excited about Washington, but they’ll get over that.

BET:  49ers +10.



LA Rams at JACKSONVILLE (-2.5) 

Who thought both of these teams would be top 10 in DVOA after 5 weeks?  Goff looked near competent Sunday.  Bortles still didn’t.

BET: no bet.

Tampa Bay (-2) at ARIZONA

Arizona have got bad quick.

BET: Bucs -2.

Pittsburgh at KANSAS CITY (-4.5)

Kansas City look terrific.

BET: Chiefs -4.5.

LA Chargers at OAKLAND (-3) 

The Chargers won a close game!  Hang out on betting this until you find out whether Carr is playing.  EJ Manuel is dogshit.

BET: no bet.



NY Giants at DENVER (-12)

That spread’s a bit much.

BET:  Giants +12.


No line out for Monday night yet.



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