Zuckerberg does it again and invents Instagram filters

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Mark Zuckerberg has done it again.  The most original mind of our time, has developed a brand new thing called a “filter” that you can add nerd specs, bunny ears or other nonsense to videos, gifs and photos of yourself on Snapchat Instagram.

On his own ConnectU Facebook page, Zuck posted a video showing him trying out Instagram’s new face filter system, which overlays geek glasses, bunny ears or other silly things on photos or video.

In an inspiring message, Zuck said, in his usually ebullient way, with math equations floating around his head:

“New face filter on Instagram today.  This one is my favourite so far. Nice job team.”

This will be a fresh blow to newly IPO’d Snapchat, who have been trying to develop these type of filters (they were going to call them “lenses” for years, but could never quite get them to market.  They also tried to get a kind of live video “stories” type of app out, but were beaten to that by Zuckerberg’s Instagram as well.

Zuckerberg has had a long history of original social media ideas, like ConnectU, which he developed at Harvard with the Winklevoss twins Facebook, the photo-sharing app Instagram which he bought up for $1 billion developed the idea for after being told about it, Snapchat Instagram Stories, Oculus Rift which he bought for $2 billion showed his ability to see in to the future with Virtual Reality, and now Lenses Filters.

Sure, occasionally there’s this problem where a never-ending bunch of people accuse him of straight out ripping off their idea, like the Winklevoss twins, Snapchat, Zenimax, etc.  But you’re always going to get that when you straight out steal people’s ideas innovate.

I wouldn’t feel too sorry for Snapchat.  Their owners ripped the faces off gullible share buyers when they IPOd a couple of months back, with the price down 25% from the price anyone but banks, brokers and hedgies could buy it at, in exchange for non-voting shares.

After Instagram stole invented Snapchat’s Stories last August, it took less than a year for Instagram Stories users to surpass Snapchat’s entire user base.

These Instagram filters won’t steal away any Snapchat users, but that’s not the point of Facebook’s addition. Facebook and Instagram are content with putting a lid on Snapchat’s growth. Copying Snapchat’s best features won’t convert any 16-year-olds from Snapchat to Instagram, but it won’t give many 30-year-olds a reason to try Snapchat, either.

If in doubt, buy Facebook shares.  Zuckerberg is a monster.






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